Never mind the baubles, here’s the party pistols

We’re getting a bit bored of all this bell-jingling stuff. Everyone seems to be banging on about trees, gifts, decking halls, holly, mistletoe and Andy Williams in Christmas jumpers a little too much. As the stripey minty sheep say: Baa Humbug.

Hence we’re delighted that there are still non-seasonal events going on here on the decks of the Good Ship Cayman (just about afloat, slight hole in the money tank, Captain in the brig, tax imminent.)

First off, we’re tempted by Saturday, 15 December’s Elements Bash called Fly Society Saturdays. It’s billed as “the hottest Hip Hop, RnB and Dancehall party” which seems fair enough, particularly as we haven’t noticed any other Hip Hop, RnB and Dancehall parties on that date yet.

Anyway, guest DJs include Special Opz, DJ Royal, DJ X-Rey and others who are gonna be announced later this week, which by the time you read this is earlier this week. That’s just how we roll here in Weekenderland.

Anytripe, it’s $5 for women and $10 for men, there’s $15 all you can drink between 8 and 10pm, VIP is $25 and bottles – of what, we do not know, but bottles nonetheless – $99. There’s a bunch of giveaways as well, if you’re after an early Christmas present.

Jolly rotten

Club 7 gets in on the act on Monday, 17 December with Secret Crush 345 Christmas Edition, which is a bit of a mouthful but nonetheless it seems to sum it up. “It’s an award event” screams the flyer we got, “Ladies in heels and jeans.” There’s a bunch of awards including most outstanding heels, lady in best overall attire and most convincing impression of Simone de Beauvoir, except for the last one which we made up. Admission is free before 11pm, $4.99 til midnight and $9.99 thereafter. Music comes from VJ Slaughter Rich, Red Diamond International plus Atom H and Toya Skills.

“Bring a friend, meet a friend,” exhort organisers. Weekender believes that pretty much tells you all you need to know about this one.

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