It’s Caturday for Humane Society

“Lovers of kitties, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!,” as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov once nearly said.

The Russian himself would no doubt therefore approve of the fact that the wonderful folks at the Cayman Islands Humane Society will be at Camana Bay on Saturday, 15 December from 11am to 4pm with some of their lovely cats coming to find new comrades and families.

The cat show takes place at a shop on Market Street, between Audi and Eclipze, says Deborah Fiedler.

“We will have many cats there that are available for adoption. It’s a great way for people to meet our kitties outside the shelter environment,” she says.

So show solidarity with the furry friends and revolutionise your home life by sharing your wealth – according to your ability – to the cats according to their needs.

As well as the Cat Show, there’s a Road Show on the Paseo between 2 and 5pm where you can meet the doggies, too. And to complete the weekend, stop off at A.L. Thompson’s Parking Lot that same morning for a special Book Loft Sale.

If you’re not able to adopt a pet, of course, you can foster for shorter periods – the Humane Society is always looking for people to get involved with that or even sleepovers. You can also help walk the dogs at any time, but over the weekend it’s Saturday and Sunday from 9am to noon.

Don’t wait, donate

The shelter relies on donations throughout the year and Christmas is no exception. Vouchers for Priced Right and Cost-U-Less are also welcome so the good folks down there can purchase much needed items.

Here’s a wish list for Christmas and the Society is very grateful for anything the public can help with.

Wish List

Science Diet Cat Food (other brands welcome)

Pedigree Dog Food (other brands welcome)

Milk Bones

Rubber Dog Toys (such as Kongs)

Cat Toys

Cat Beds and Warming Pads

Kitten & Puppy Formula (Milk)

Air Fresheners (solid – no oils or candles please)

Bath Mats/Towels


Cleaning Detergent (such as Lysol or Pine-Sol)

Paper Towels (They use an absolute ton of these)

Laundry Detergent

13 and 55 Gallon Garbage Bags

Baking Soda

Large Plastic Double Dishes for Cats

Stainless Steel Food Bowls

Plastic Bowls (for our sleepover bags)

Slip Leads (collar and lead all-in-one)


Choker Chains (larger sizes)

Flat Leads (all sizes)

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