Krazy for Karaoke

Each week on a Tuesday evening, from 8pm onwards, some of Cayman’s aspiring crooners and divas serenade friends and strangers with their musical stylings. They could be rapping, they could be singing love songs – it’s all in an evening’s entertainment. We’re talking about Krazy Karaoke Tuesdays at the Cotton Club, on Shedden Road.  

Hosted by the Just for Fun Karaoke Duo – which comprises brother and sister team Burman and Marva Scott from Cayman Brac – it’s a lively and very fun filled evening – whether you’re singing or not. A musical family, Burman is a familiar face to many, from his appearances at Royal Palms and other locations on island, with local band Los Tropicanos.  

The duo may also be known to karaoke lovers on island from Country and Western, where they previously hosted karaoke events.  

Burman and Marva get the crowd warmed up each week, with Burman giving his particular rendition of New York, New York to get things going.  

Anyone can have a go, there is no fee to take part and there are more than 90,000 songs to choose from. So whatever your style – country, pop, reggae or some good old ballads, you can amaze the crowds with your vocal versatility.  

It’s all good fun and there are free shots in store for the best, and most daring, performances. There are also drinks specials on Appleton and Heineken on Tuesdays, in case you need some Dutch courage or just some liquid to limber up the vocal chords.  

It’s all good, clean fun and there’s no requirement to actually be able to sing, but for those who really want to woo the crowds, Marva offers the following advice: “Tips to help singers enhance their voice and feel more confident in front of the crowd are, practice proper breathing techniques, warm up properly, relax and mix and match songs instead of sticking to their favourite songs every week. Be confident and practice, practice, practice!” 

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