Wine tasting raised money for AIDS Foundation

Glasses were not the only things raised at the annual “Shades of Red” wine tasting – the hosts also raised $4,000 for the Cayman AIDS Foundation. 

Rotaract Blue hosted the event last month at The Brasserie in George Town and handed over the cheque earlier this month.  

The theme of this year’s event was “Night in Paris”, during which guests were treated to wines from France handpicked by sommeliers Roberto Logioia Detter of Blackbeard’s and Harvey Setterfield of Vino Veritas. 

As well as giving guests a chance to imbibe some wonderful wines, Shades of Red also raises awareness about and encourages healthy lifestyle choices that prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS education is one of Rotaract Blue’s key platforms.  

Rotaract Blue donated $4,000 to the Cayman AIDS Foundation on 5 December.  

Jacqueline Golding-McDonald, president of Rotaract Blue, said: “I am happy to see the continued positive results of Shades of Red. The event has allowed us to shed light on a community issue and make an impact in a way that is of great benefit to the Cayman Islands and its people. We are grateful for the momentum that this event has garnered in terms of public support and its ongoing contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Rotaract Blue is proud to be part of the solution.” 

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