Editorial for 21 December: A welcome change

The new ‘minority’ government’s first press briefing on
Wednesday offered a stark contrast to press briefings held by the previous
United Democratic Party government, of which they were all a part.

First, there were no attacks on the opposition blaming it
for all of Cayman’s ills. There were also no rants against the media claiming
they don’t love the Cayman Islands.

Rather than just one person – former Premier McKeeva Bush –
speaking the way press briefings were held under the previous UDP
administration, all five of the Cabinet ministers spoke their minds. They
answered questions with respect and did so with all appearances of being

Although it will only hold power for a matter of months, the
new government promised to do so with consultation and transparency, saying it
would hold regular press briefings.

Now, we aren’t so naive as to believe without at least a
hint of scepticism that the new government, even without Mr. Bush, doesn’t have
some things to answer for with regard to the previous three and a half years of
the UDP government. Nor does it escape us that they will probably be seeking
re-election when the next general elections occur next May and therefore have a
reason to be magnanimous.

But in the graciousness of a honeymoon period that it is
custom to give all new governments, and in the charitable mood of the season,
we must say the way the government conducted itself on Wednesday was a very
welcome change.

No one will argue that the current state of affairs, with a
minority government in charge and Cayman’s first and now former premier on bail
after being arrested for possible serious crimes, is an ideal situation.
However, sensible people would agree that this situation is much preferable to having
the UK impose direct rule over these Islands.

This dark period of our history will pass and perhaps Mr.
Bush will be exonerated of all of the suspected crimes. In the meantime, the
first impressions made by the new government have given us faith that we will
indeed get through this and better days are ahead.


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