Shedden headin’ for greatness

The band Shedden has enjoyed a bit of a whirlwind year thanks to a lot of hard work and being in the right place at the right time.  

This all-Caymanian rock group that plays only original music has now been discovered by a mover and a shaker in the international market, and may very well be performing at venues off the island if all goes according to plan. 

You may remember a band called Core that was around in 2011. That kind of dissipated, but from the ashes rose the phoenix that would become Shedden. The latter features four members: Anthony Verhoeven on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Rob Neesome on lead guitar and backing vocals; Guilherme Toniolo plays bass; and Chris Bodden covers the drums. 


Anthony Verhoeven 

Music has always been an important part of Anthony’s childhood as he started his professional singing career at age 7 with the Honolulu Boys Choir. He comes from a family of musicians, including his great aunt who wrote the national song of the Cayman Islands.  

His musical talents were discovered by Margaret Mittleman of BMI, and Anthony went on to become the lead singer of the bands Glorified Sun, Morgan’s Corner, and Core. Anthony met Chris Bodden, Shedden’s drummer, in 2008 with whom he founded the band Core.  

Anthony’s musical style is influenced by bands such as Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, The Beatles, and ELO. He has aspired to play music professionally his entire life. Raised in Hawaii, Anthony moved to the Cayman Islands from Florida in 2007. 


Chris Bodden 

As the drummer in the bands Core, Eggshell Blonde, Exit, Cloudburst, and Smoothbill, Chris has always viewed himself as a musician as “everything else is a side job”. He opened for Canadian Top 40 rock band Tragically Hip in 2008 and was introduced to the band Exit, which he later joined, by Chris Rice.  

Chris Bodden’s musical style is influenced by bands such as Faith No More, Pantera, and Guns N’ Roses. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, he moved to the Cayman Islands at age 3. 


Guilherme Toniolo 

Guilherme’s first instrument was guitar but in high school he began playing bass with jazz influences. As the bassist in the bands Taxima, The Wreckage, and Rogue Armada with former lead singer, David Verhoeven, younger brother of Anthony Verhoeven, Guilherme has always aspired to perform before live audiences.  

He opened for Suckerbox while performing with Rogue Armada, and he recently featured a solo project, Goowy. 

Guilherme’s musical style is influenced by bands such as Coheed and Cambria, and Metallica. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the Cayman Islands in 1997. 


Rob Neesome 

Rob comes from a musical background, having experience with the violin, saxophone, and guitar. He has performed and recorded with UK punk band Undistorted Truth and has been a member of the local pop-punk band Suckerbox for five years. He recently recorded his third album with Suckerbox in Indiana with world-reknowned producer/engineer Massimiliano Giorgini. Rob is also a past member of the band Core with which he recorded with producer Travis Wyrick in Tennessee. He has always wanted to play music, his greatest passion, as a living in order to share his talent and music with everyone possible. His musical style is influenced by bands such as Metallica, Rise Against, and Rancid. Rob was born in Plymouth, England and moved to the Cayman Islands at age 5. 


What’s next? 

The guys were going along, doing their own thing, and played at Petapalooza in late November 2011. It just happened that Johnny Simms of Jefferson Starship fame was visiting the island and saw them at the event. The very next day he got in contact with them and said he wanted to meet up. They had just come back from a recording studio in Knoxville, Tennessee working with Grammy-nominated producer Travis Wyrick, an old friend of Verhoeven’s, so this seemed like fate. 

Simms said he wanted to manage them and get their name out to companies in the United States. They agreed to sign with him, and subsequently got an entertainment lawyer to represent them. At this very moment, Shedden is being shopped to major labels in the US, so who knows what can happen? It’s all pretty exciting for a local band, and just goes to show you that you never know who’s listening when you play. 

When they’re not preparing to dominate the international charts, Shedden can be seen playing at open mic nights such as Thursdays at Aqua Beach, so you’ll definitely want to stop by and catch them. 


If you want to know more about the band, or would like to hear some of their rocking tracks, check out their web site at Something tells us that these guys are going to go far. 

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