The night before Christmas in the House of Assembly


It was the night before Christmas – And all through the house – No one was debating or causing a rouse – The place was more peaceful – Than it had been all year – Maybe that’s because no … politicians were there 

The seats were all empty – The lights were turned down – No speeches no disputes – Not even a sound – And there on platter – Next to the governors seat – Was a huge mount of cookies, chocolates and sweets 

Who left the goodies … On the huge silver platter – Was it Anglin or Alden … or Juliana – There were chocolates and truffles and … cassava cakes – No question about it … they were all freshly baked 

The governor had left, all those sugary treats – They were for Santa and Rudolf to eat – Just then through the back door – there came such a clatter – That door should be locked – Something was the matter 

Was it a burglar, or Kurt or Ellio Solomon – Who ever it was … he was a big man – The footsteps were familiar – as they came oh so near – It wasn’t Arden or Moses … but it was the premier 

He came for the cookies, and the sweet sugar cane – He’ll leave one for Santa … but the rest were fair game – Soon cupcakes and fudges filled up his belly – That shook when he laughed like a bowl full of Jelly  

There was so much to eat … oh what a delight – Then the silence was broken … on this silent night – Oh no is it Santa … About to descent – Not through a chimney … but down the A/C air vent 

Mac put on his glasses and to his surprise – It was Ezzard all dressed up … In a Santa disguise – Ezzard dashed for the cookies … then he saw the premier – And in unison they both said – “what are you doing here?”  

They stared at each other then started to plea – I won’t tell on you … if you don’t tell on me – Don’t tell Austin or Gilbert lets not make a fuss – And don’t tell Sterling … or the Cayman Compass 

They shared up the cookies – and both made a deal – This would be their secret … no one could reveal – So on the night before Christmas – Two rivals shook hands –  

And there was peace and har … mo … ny … Throughout Cayman 

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