Random evil or wrath

A new year is dawning and as usual we are making plans to go out with a bang.

Just a few days ago many of us were bunkered down, physically and spiritually for a Dooms Day December 21st. However the morning slowly dawned on Cayman; birds sang, roosters crowed as the sun peeked slowly through the cloudy skies. It was just like any other ordinary day – God has blessed us.

A week before we cringed with shock and awe, tears came to our eyes for the horror that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the USA; and a few days later, we had our own shock awe at the arrest of our premier.

Many of us may be thinking that these events point to a larger theological perspective, but the facts are evil and dark events have loomed over our Islands for quite a few years now.

Some of us may also think and have questions, like “Why did God allowed all these events to take place”, or we may even ask ourselves is God still with us: “Surely it is not God’s fault”. Imagine that we are slowly escorting prayer and the Bible out of our schools and culture and have people employed in our working system in the Cayman Islands making open public remarks like “Who cares about the Bible.”

My Dear Caymanians, all of these events are the result of living in a broken and evil world.

We also must vision that our broken world is rebelling against its rightful king. Evil people will always do evil things. The innocent will continue to suffer, people will continue to be hurt and hurting each other kill and be killed, all because the world is broken and needs to be fixed.

When I refer to the world being broken I am not referring to it being broken in nature but about structures and systems that make up society – moral patterns, belief and behaviours that result in things like unfair business practices, racism, family breakdown, cheating, stealing, oppression of the weak – Extreme poverty, dishonest governments, dirty politics and too many distresses and defilers in homes, schools, courthouse and grave sides; however, we toil along in hopeless disrepair.

So as a New Year dawns, let us pray for hurting families, broken governments and healing of our Island, and not to lose faith. Have a blessed New Year.

Twyla Mae Vargas

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