Metal monsters koming to krash and smash

You don’t get much metal on the rock, tis true. Devotees of the riff, however, fear ye not, for Koralhead is koming to sort all that out and blast away the cobwebs.

Weekender communicated via overdriven harmonic feedback through a Marshall amp and managed to tear the earth asunder for five minutes with Agamoth Abgott about their upcoming gig.

What was the idea behind getting this band together?

Well, we all love a good dose of rock and classic heavy metal, so between a rum and a Southern Comfort, former Ratskyn bassist David “Big D.” Arch and drummer Mark McTaggart popped me the idea to come along to have a friendly jam and eventually for me to get involved in this new project, so it happened, and 10 months later we officially joined together to rock The Rock! It is worth mentioning that we are kindly joined in this project by Brian on vocals and Jon on rhythm guitar.

How many metallers are there on the Island do you reckon?

For sure, we know a certain guy called Charlie O’Neill that holds up the flag for classic heavy metal and the New Orleans Saints, after him the island has got a very lovely combo of musical taste and definitely there are several hundred rockers and metal lovers, which we hope to please with a safe evening of passion for music.

What kind of music can we expect – obviously metal has many different meanings and sub genres.

I totally agree with you, metal has grown internationally as much as in lots of sub genres, which can lead to the use of more specific terms, to identify what it is going to be performed. Personally, I work on a 360-degree in music as much as in metal itself, moving from its more soft to the most extreme aspects, but for this special event, we are going to tackle mainly the late 70s and early 80s, with a good hint of groove and melody, and why not a bit of romanticism?

What kind of set will you play?

I have been invited to join KHD for this single event, so you better be there as I will fly back to London UK afterward. We will perform a double set list (almost two hours) of classic tunes, from Rainbow, to Foreigner, Cheap Trick to Judas Priest, and my ultimate favourites Dio, Iron Maiden and Ozzy. In terms of original material, I am only allowed to disclose the following: “expect some big surprise from this new combo of old rockers …”

What is your message to the Cayman Islands music scene?

No matter how hard times are, there is always going to be a rock tune to lift up your spirit. “We love you all, God bless you all” as my good old friend Ozzy Osbourne would say himself.

Catch Koralhed at Living Room, the Strand, on Saturday, 29 December at 8pm.

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