Editorial for 02 January: Looking forward for our territory

So a new year is upon us.

Some of us took time out yesterday to make
resolutions to take us headstrong into the New Year.

Some people show disdain for New Year’s
resolutions on the premise that if one wants – or needs – to make important
changes in life, he or she should be able to make them anytime of the year, not
just on the first of January.

Many of us, however, like to have some sort
of significant starting point when making such important changes, and the
beginning of the new year – with its promise of new hope and a fresh start –
seems appropriate.

And if anyone could use a fresh start, it’s

The past year saw some troublesome times
from the start and stop of many important economy building projects to the
ouster just last month of our first premier.

While many of us made resolutions for
reasons of self, such as to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit; others made
resolutions concerning their finances, such as to spend less and save more;
some people resolved to improve their relationships, whether they be with
spouse, partner, children or friends. Still, others resolved to do things to
improve the quality of their lives, possibly by just taking more time to
actually enjoy it.

This New Year offers us many opportunities
to improve our lots in life – personally, professionally and socially – by
using self reflection, taking steps to make positive changes and, for those who
are eligible to vote, going to the polls for the general election on 22 May.

The politicking season is about to get into
full swing. Use this new year to separate the wheat from the chaff – to
separate things of value from things of no value – and make well informed
decisions at the polls to move the Cayman Islands forward.

We’re well on our way into 2013 – despite
the Mayans and their promise of doom on 21 December, 2012. Whatever we do as a
territory, let’s resolve to make everything about the Cayman Islands better
this year.