Editorial for 04 January: Voter numbers send message

We hope the current politicos and those waiting in the wings to take up the position of lawmaker in the 22 May election are paying attention to the number of registered voters.

Once all the tallying is done, it looks like we’ll have more than 18,000 registered voters willing and able to make their mark come May.

Compare that figure to 15,161 voters who were eligible to vote just less than six months ago when the ‘One Man, One Vote’ referendum was held in July.

For the 2009 general elections, the registered voter tally stood at 15,361 and in 2005 was at 13,118.

Kudos to those who have worked tirelessly to help people in the Cayman Islands get registered for the next election.

They helped unregistered eligible voters sign up so they may cast their ballot in future elections.

What’s telling is the shear number of people who signed up by the deadline of midnight on 2 January. It would appear they are trying to tell the powers that be that enough is enough; they are ready for change. The question is, who is going to lead that change?

We’ve seen quite the shakeup in our government in the last few weeks, with our first premier being forced from his seat following his arrest. We still find it appalling that no charges have been laid against McKeeva Bush. If he hasn’t done anything wrong, free him from the suspicion and innuendo. If there really is something there to charge him with, then do so. He, and the Cayman Islands, deserves better treatment.

Voters have five months to decide who they want to take the Cayman Islands forward.

Politicking has already ramped up with family fun days, closed door meetings, rallies and more.

Some people have already announced their intentions to run for office while others are watching on the sidelines, still trying to make up their minds. The Caymanian Compass doesn’t endorse candidates. Instead, we will provide you the unbiased information you need to make up your mind. We ask that you listen closely to what candidates say, examine past records of politicians and political hopefuls to help lead this territory forward.


  1. Editor – it is not appalling that no charges have been filed against Bush as yet. You present only two options: 1. that he hasn’t done anything wrong, or 2. that if he has the police must immediately charge him. You should know from your own reporting of cases that there is often a significant period between arrest and charge in complex cases. You should also know that there is a third option where there is evidence of wrongdoing which must be further investigated in order to make the decision to charge. In the meantime, like all other suspects in his position, Bush has been released on bail. Please do not add to the misperception that Bush and Cayman are somehow being mistreated by the UK by their handling of this matter. Poisoning relations with the UK benefits no one. Except may be Bush.

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