Triplets make holiday season best for family

Triplets were definitely not what Crystal and Shawn Silburn had in mind as the couple worked to become pregnant. 

The babies were born 14 November and have settled home for the New Year. 

Zoe was the first of the pack, weighing 4 pounds, 9 ounces and is the little angel. Christian, 5 pounds, 2 ounces, requires more attention and seems a little bit more impatient than his brother, Isaiah. His parents say Isaiah, 4 pounds, 4 ounces, is the observant one and watches every move his father makes, only fussing when it comes time for feeding. 

Helping tend the triplets are grandmas Cynthia Silburn and Annie Whittaker, and they are on a roll. A trio of bottle warmers hum, preparing the warm milk that – they hope – will induce afternoon naps. Grandma Silburn lovingly bottle feeds Isaiah as Grandma Whittaker checks the temperature on another bottle. 

Grandfathers Lenard Whittaker and Seymour Silburn keep a close watch on all the activity taking place, ready to jump in when an extra nursing bib is needed or the new dad just needs a little fatherly advice. The assembly line flows beautifully and the babies give an extra smile now and then to make the whole family know they are appreciated. 

“When we found it was triplets, we were so shocked,” Shawn said. “I never thought this would happen to us because we were just trying so hard to have at least one baby. The doctor said, ‘there is one but let me check again’ and he said, ‘no two’. After the second I took a seat because my knees were shaking, when he said another one, I was just overwhelmed.” 

Shawn said that after they learned about the triplets, they returned home to pray.  

“We asked God to let us have two boys and a girl and God really worked it that way. The reason we wanted two boys and one girl was because my wife already had a girl and with the two boys and a girl it made the family complete.” 

Crystal still recalls the day their doctor told her and her husband they should expect three bundles of joy. 

Crystal’s first response was, “Oh my God, Oh my God” and first time father Shawn was also overjoyed. 

The couple found out they were having triplets in April and Crystal said it was chaos to process the information and do her work at the same time. With the day going by in a blur she continued to text message her husband. “This cannot be for real; this cannot be for real,” said Crystal, with husband Shawn mimicking her reaction. 

Throughout the conversation and excitement they remembered they had to break the news to the grandparents and that evening they brought the whole family together to give them the news. 

According to the grandparents it was not something they had expected but they were just as thrilled about the babies as the parents. 

“We could not pull this all together if it was not for the help of the grandparents,” Crystal said. “They have been the key to our survival with the babies. They have been there from Day One helping out. Friends and family have also given their strong support in more ways than one,” added Shawn. 

“I am hoping they grow to be good children and be well protected by us the grandparents,” said Grandpa Silburn. 

Grandpa Whittaker said, “It is a big task raising one and a bigger task raising three, but I am sure with the help of everyone they should make it.” 

The babies were born at Memorial Hospital in Miramar, Florida after 31 weeks of care from Dr. Rommel el Madany in Grand Cayman. 

The Florida hospital was equipped to handle the births of the triplets. 

After 35 weeks of pregnancy doctors from LaCombe, Christie & Rivas took charge. The hospital there also provided exceptional care as well, Crystal said. 

Proud of her new siblings, sister Zaria looks forward to heading to the basketball court when they are a bit older. 

According to grandparents Cynthia and Seymour, the family has a history of triplets, Cynthia’s nephew has triplet boys.  

Crystal added, “We were just like any other new parents just expecting the norm of one baby and it did not matter what it was, we just wanted a healthy baby. Having two boys and one girl makes the family complete because I have a 12 year-old daughter already,” she said. 

Married for four years, Shawn and Crystal actually knew each other from high school, but their love for each other did not blossom until Shawn one day made a delivery from FedEx where he worked to Dart Realty where Crystal worked as a front desk receptionist. He said “hi Crystal” and she asked him how he remembered her name after all those years, His response was, “If you have admired someone for so long it is hard to forget their name”. 

Crystal told him if she got to know him well enough she would tell him a secret. After 10 visits she revealed the secret that she had admired him for a long time as well and they then exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history. 


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