Premier says she quit UDP, just a bit later

Cayman Islands Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said Tuesday that she has indeed resigned from the United Democratic Party.

It just took a bit longer than her other four government colleagues.

“My four colleagues resigned almost at the same time and I did later on, I think it was one day last week actually,” Ms O’Connor-Connolly said.

Members of the United Democratic Party said late Tuesday that they were unaware the premier had resigned, but were checking into the matter before making any formal comment.

‘Minority government’ members Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin, Minister Cline Glidden Jr., Minister Mark Scotland and Minister Dwayne Seymour submitted resignation letters to UDP district committees on Saturday 29 December, just prior to meetings where they had been summoned to explain their votes on a ‘no confidence’ motion in government. The vote taken on 18 December in the Legislative Assembly succeeded on a 11-3 margin and was tantamount to former Premier McKeeva Bush’s removal from government last month.

Premier O’Connor-Connolly had not responded to numerous questions about her status within the UDP last week.

“It’s quite easy to explain,” she said on Tuesday. “I took the opinion that I did not have anything against the members of the UDP and I still don’t have anything against them. Once it became very clear that there was a process on foot to have our district committees remove us, all of our Cabinet together felt that it was better for us to resign from the party.

“Mine was just a little bit later, it had no other motive. I am an integral part of this group, despite innuendos.”

She did not give a specific date for when her resignation had been submitted. Stories reporting the lack of a resignation by the premier on Saturday 29 December appeared in the Caymanian Compass on 4 January.

Please see upcoming editions of the Caymanian Compass for more on this story….


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Premier O’Connor-Connolly


  1. The road ahead is a huge challenge. It is also a great opportunity to right this very corrupted island nation and put it on a new track for fiscal recovery instead of the death spiral it currently is on. Cut spending first and foremost unlike the spineless ones before you. Best wishes but more importantly step-up to the plate.

  2. The Leader of the country said:
    ‘Mine was just a little bit later, it had no other motive. I am an integral part of this group’.

    A Child would say, a Group moves as ONE (otherwise it’s not considered a Group)!

    It’s not Honourable to send others forward, to test the waters, to see if all is safe………

  3. She cannot remember the day on which she resigned from the political Party of which she has been an.integral part for years ? Don’t make me laugh. I am not sure I would believe her if she told me that the Sun rises in the East, and sets in the West. She and bush are joined at the hip, and she is nothing more than his ventriloquist’s dummy – except that you can actually see his lips moving, when she speaks.

  4. 1. Sounds like she is concerned more with the title of First Female Premiere of the Cayman Islands than anything else.

    2. She has a million and one cell phones and could not be reached by her party on any of them?

    3. Members of the United Democratic Party said late Tuesday that they were unaware the premier had resigned, but were checking into the matter before making any formal comment. They sound more like independents that a team to me.

    4. Mine was just a little bit later, it had no other motive. I am an integral part of this group, despite innuendos. As the leader of a team, I would think that you would want to discuss this with them so that they would know what to expect. As a member I would be unease as to what else she might be doing or not saying behind my back…

    5. Why is there a need for the new cabinet accompanied by the governor to visit the Brac? I would think that the Brac is already familiar with their fanatics! I don’t understand what purpose this serve?

    6) The governor seems to be tightly intertwined with this new party…He’s probably the new member? Do you think that they are working with him to develop an anti case file against Bush with hopes to use it against him come elections? Honesty, I think that the members should jump of the governor’s train given his linkage to the Tempera case.

    7. Do you think that there is a need for a vote of No Confidence in the governor’s ability to run the country?

    8. Do you think that he should be suspended until this Tempera issue has been dealt with?

    9. This minority government need to stay far away from the governor re: the tempera defect. I think that they are getting themselves to caught up in corruption issues. Desperate…They have jumped from the pot into the fire.

  5. I can’t stop ROTFL…female and male LA members are all so power hungry. She wanted the prestigious title, first female Premier, well she got it but won’t have for very long!!

    Brackers she voted against the former Premier Bush at the same time the others did; she’s doesn’t want you all to know because she’s afraid that you all will not vote for her in May!! Don’t return her as a member from the Brac.

    As for the other UDP members back stabbing cut throats make hay while the sun shines because at the next election you all will not be returning to the LA as members!!

    The two UDP members for West Bay are telling the older citizens – (who don’t quite understand what’s going on and what has happened) at the seniors Christmas party in West Bay we didn’t vote against Mr Bush, we would never do that. We West Bayers will ensure that these senior citizens will not support you two in May!!

  6. Let’s be real. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. As long as we keep her from anymore travel and away from our credit cards I will be very happy. Can I get an amen?

  7. Ms Julie the job does not suit you. You are much too soft to be a Premier. A premier should be someone who can stand tall and look you in the eye and say NO when the answer is no, instead of agreeing for the sake of not knowing any better. You have resigned from the UDP, fine, that is well taken, because we really do not want the Party system any more; however I do hope you realize who made you a politician. I hope the Five 0 do the same,o not kick down dow that gave you milk.

  8. Do I hear a gender bias here? No two persons have the same temperament. Forcefulness in itself don’t make a good leader or politician or company director or general manager or CFO. Madam Premier is educated to the highest standard, a teacher and later a honour student and a qualified lawyer in the practice of laws in Cayman or the Commonwealth. Her gender don’t make her a less capable Premier. A might be soft spoken while B may be rugged and loud and fail to admit even when in the wrong. Does this makes B a better leader ? NO!! Lets remember its no longer a man’s world, its an all gender world and in many cases the female gender is outwitting the male in achievements in the world of administration and academics. Deal with it. There are lot more surprises in the bag.

  9. This whole shambles can only reflect to the disadvantage of Cayman and Caymanians – and that politics as she is practised in Cayman will ruin us. Why do we have to follow the ruinous Caribbean model?

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