Caymanians need to reunite, go to polls

Never in our history have we been in this position, not even the time when Jamaica went on her own and broke away from England and the people of these Islands had to decide which way we should go. Well, we must once again decide which way to go in this up coming election in the year 2013.

We must not get it wrong, but do what is right for our future, our people and our beloved Islands for much too long now our lives have been effected by the ones that we have elected to government to try their very best to make our culture and or home, Cayman, better.

But most of them forgot why they were put there and disrespect the people as if they are our masters. As we all know, look at what they have done for this country.

Far too long we have not paid proper attention to what is really going on and most of us have been sitting by the sidelines watching our Islands sink deeper into the bad shape it is in now.

If you are part of the problem you need to get up out of your sick world and do what is right to try and help put our country and all its people back in good shape. No quick fix will do.

Take a very good look at what is now the house divided and remember our old Cayman motto. It was not he has founded it upon the seas, it was united we stand, divided we fall.

This is something I never in my life dreamed would come true. We the people of the Cayman Islands, the friendliest people in the world, now have a divided government and our people are in the same position. Why? Because of lost love for country, respect for one another, the break down of the family, greed and a lack of proper education.

And most of all, the real loss of God in the people. Many of us don’t even understand just how bad a shape some of the leaders of our country have put us in. Never have we had to tell the world just how bad our house is out of order; members of our government put before the courts, members of our government accused of crimes on worldwide TV and radio, leaving the LA in one big disgraceful mess with members of the two parties jumping ship.

Now, where does that put the country? As all of us should know by now, not good in any way. Thank God we will have a new election very soon when the people can do what we all know is needed to be done and that is to get rid of all in government that have put us in this disgraceful position from the speaker of the House down. We need to take back control of our country and put our future back on the right track. We cannot afford to be led by people that are only after earthly gain. Our children must learn about the real Cayman way.

Also, for if we do not teach our children about our culture and the ways of our people and all the values of being a Caymanian, then we will hand over to them an island divided and our whole culture will be lost forever.

To all of you that understand, please help others to understand. We need to take our Island into the direction that we want it to go in. In this next election let us do what is right for all of us and that is to unite Caymanians with your vote and put in the government real grass roots Caymanians that really love Cayman and know how to work together to move us forward, united as one people. I know many of our people are confused and many are hurting and need different kinds of help, but do not give up and say that your voice and your vote do not matter.

You do matter. It is because of what you do that makes this country better or worse, move forward or get set back by the leaders we put in government to lead all of us.

Think about this when you choose the next leaders of our future. Do you want to put someone to lead this country that does not know how to lead properly? When we choose a bank manager for a position to manage a bank, he has to have experience in management of banks. Look at all government positions offered in the newspaper. They ask you for your experience of so many years in order for you to get that position. Well, our leaders that we choose to lead this whole country and its people need more than a good talker or con artist or someone that does not have proper education or because his and her family are rich or well known.

We need real Caymanian leaders that know how to get the job done with great leadership skills that are respected by the people and can unite all the people that are now so divided and bring prosperity back to tour Islands and put our house in order and most of all leaders that are really honourable that love the Cayman Islands and its people more than they love money.

Emile S. Levy