KPMG have bragging rights and will court more glory

The 2012 Corporate Team Tennis League fall season finished off in spectacular fashion and looks set to grow more popular when it returns next month.

In the league final at The Courts at the Ritz-Carlton courts, Team KPMG faced Team EFG Bank in one of the best match-ups of the season. After 45 match-ups during the season with 121 players participating and representing their team/company the overall result came down to the final match-up.

In the No.1 men’s doubles, KPMG’s Rob Arthur and Chris Van De Water beat EFG Bank’s Nic Corsetti and Pavel Vondra 8-4.

In the No.2 men’s doubles, KPMG’s Joel Dodson and Gordon Rajamohan beat EFG Bank’s Gal Anziska and Jonas Lundberg 8-4 as well.

In the women’s doubles Fleur Vagniez and Bianca Brown (KPMG) beat Erika Nordenson and Nikki Martyr (EFG Bank) 8-2.

In the semi-finals, Team KPMG beat Team Deloitte 2-1 and Team EFG Bank beat Team UBS 2-1. The fastest serve competition went to Chris Van De Water with 160kmh.

The next corporate league begins on Tuesday, 5 February. Matches will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8.15pm. Possible rain out makeup matches could be scheduled on Wednesday.

Corporate Team Tennis League directors are Thomas Neuert and Justin Hadley. Neuert, who is the Director of Tennis at the Ritz-Carlton, said: “Overall the second corporate league was a great success.

“The final, even though it was 3-0 to Team KPMG was exciting with some fantastic rallies. We’re looking to expand the spring league in February from 12 to 16 teams.

“We see this as a great way for companies to invest in their employees.

“It raises team spirits, helps them to bond and there are, of course, fitness benefits as well.

“There will be an A and B league to separate the stronger teams from those who are not so competitive.

“As a bonus we are offering two-hour training camps. They include two pros who will give sessions to up to eight players and it can be done anytime before the season starts or during the season.

“The camps include strategy, drills, cardio training and they are a fun way of improving your tennis skills.”

Apart from a champion’s trophy there is a free raffle for all the players with prizes like free massages and tennis racquets.

For more information or to register teams, contact Justin Hadley at 323-0049 or [email protected] Deadline is 25 January.