Governor extends voter registration period

Prospective voters now have until 22 January to register to vote in the May election.

Governor Duncan Taylor announced Monday afternoon that, following unanimous support from lawmakers of a motion brought by Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly in the Legislative Assembly last Thursday calling for the voter registration period to be extended until 31 January, he would extend the period until 22 January.

The original cut-off date was 2 January.

“I understand that there are still some people in the Cayman Islands who are eligible to vote but had not been able to register before the 2 January deadline,” said Governor Taylor in a statement released Monday.

“In order that they are not disenfranchised, I have today taken the decision to issue an order for the registration period to be extended until 22 January.

“I decided to limit registration to this date as I did not want the date for the register of elections coming into force to slip from 1 April. If this date were to slip, it could make it more difficult for students and other eligible people off island to apply for and send in their postal votes,” Mr. Taylor said.

He added that he was confident that the extension will enable those who had not registered by 2 January to register now in time to allow them to vote in the 2013 general election.

He also urged applicants who have been requested by the registering officers to provide additional documentation or information to take advantage of this opportunity to do so.

In presenting the motion last week, Premier O’Connor-Connolly told legislators that, based on information she had received, there were “probably still another 3,000-plus voters who opted not to [register] for various reasons”.

Gov Duncan Taylor

Mr. Taylor


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