Protesters take to West Bay Road

More than 150 demonstrators gathered north of Public Beach on Saturday afternoon, decrying the proposed ForCayman Investment Alliance closure of 4,290 feet of West Bay Road for hotel and park development. A series of speakers accused the government-Dart Realty partnership of seizing locally-owned land, disrespecting Caymanian traditions and boosting their own coffers. In a final move, speaker Paul Rivers exhorted the crowd to take control of the road, warning the alliance of greater disruption in the future. Police reprimanded Mr. Rivers and cleared snarled traffic within 10 minutes.


  1. It was my understanding that there were less than 150 people protesting the closure of West Bay Road but no matter it must be a severe disappointment for the organizers of the event especially since some protesters were people protesting the Boddentown waste managment facility.
    In a democracy the majority rule and this showing makes clear what the people want, lets move on.

  2. Frankly, anyone that can move the dump from its current location, has my vote. Any politician who takes that on should be commended. And no one is going to do that for free! It’s sad that these protestors keep trying to detract from the fact that this deal would do that even to the extent of lying to people. The low turnout to this protest is an obvious sign that other agree with me. WE WANT THE DUMP MOVED!

  3. You do not have to be a rocket scientist, or a road traffic expert to realise that the existing road and a four lane by pass is needed from West Bay. It is obvious that closing part of the existing West Bay Road will cause bottlenecks as two roads have to merge into one. Only this morning, on the radio, I heard that an expensive, thorough study done some years ago, and before my time here, stated that six lanes of road were needed to /from West Bay. Why did the Government ignore this when giving Dart what he wanted?

  4. I’m so sick of this protest stuff. I think those of us who favour that the dump be moved should also go and manifest our wishes publicly. My view is that this is a win win situation and it’s high time that the dump be dealt with. Any views on this?

  5. I am interested in the dump issue because if you move the dump then you are going to have the same issue in 20 years when most probably it will be more developed and what do you do then?

    Secondly most the people would want the dump moved arrived in the area after the dump was there and so had an option to buy in or not. If you move the dump then the people who where in the area did not have that option and now will be blighted by a dump for ever. The middle way is to process the existing dump and treat waste as treasure to recycle it and now because oil prices are now high the waste is worth money.

    This will reduce the eye sore down to a level where is can be capped safely and eliminate the need for a new dump.This can be done with a private-public partnership without costs in the earth. If the dump did not smell then most would not know where it was.

    Finally the dump is only as big as it is because you created it by being so wasteful in the first place – look at how much rubbish you discard each week and how much could be removed if you recycled.

    Newspaper/Garden /Kitchen organic waste to compost – Metal to government – Glass to Dart. There is not much left – the rest can be burnt to produce power leaving only ash for landfill.

    Do we really want to create another landfill for our kids to deal with and how do we build a lined landfill in a swamp like the land that Dart is giving us?

  6. I don’t think that the low turn out for the protest shows that people WANT West Bay Road to close. I believe it is because it’s obvious that protesting it now that it is so far along and is a done deal will not change anything. This is the only reason I was not there. I feel that we were bullied into conceding, and nothing will be gained by protesting it any further.

  7. I’m not sure if you want or care about a lowly tourist’s comments, but as one who has been coming year after year for 3 decades, I can tell you that the more you change the look of the island, the more you change the FEEL. It’s a shame a new dump is tied to re-routing West Bay Rd. Remember when you could drive around the island and see the amazing colors of sea? It seems like the more things change the more unhappy the sweet wonderful, really special Caymanian people become. Progress for the sake of progress alone
    doesn’t seem to be making the island a more desirable or profitable place to be for anyone. If the US tourists wanted the generic look of progress we’d go to Maui. It’s an easier flight with no exchange rate or customs, immigrations, or passports to deal with. PLEASE protect all that makes Cayman so special.

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