Make a change for once

With all the talk of the upcoming election, I wonder will anything be changed?

I am not a politician, and studying at college abroad I can’t follow Cayman’s path as closely as I would like, but to me all parties promote the same trivial lines of any government; safety, jobs, schools, and apple in every hand, that sort; things that are somewhat expected, each just having different methods.

I may still be young, not even 25 yet, but from my short eyed point of view, nothing seems to change in any way that affects the people socially. The social points of politics seem to drift away somewhere in Cayman.

I was born and raised here, all my friends are here and this is where I call home and have never questioned the social dynamics of Cayman. Perhaps the last few years abroad have widen my views and allowed me freedom to think and to understand that social issues are what are important. In today’s world social points decide elections, LGBT rights (which are just fundamentally, human rights, with LGBT standing for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans.) and a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, just to name two. These social topics in Cayman are never discussed; they are taken for what they are and accepted. I think people in regards to LGBT rights specifically don’t think it necessary for them to be talked about, but this is basically treating a minority as second-class citizens. I personally believe that a new life should have a chance in most situations, but I know some people believe in having a choice and I think that needs to be discussed.

Cayman in these matters are decades behind and I feel it’s about time to shake the stigma these social issues seem to have and produce an open discussion about them. Yes we are in hard financial times and social issues aren’t going to help but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored, these are important issues that are sure to directly affect the lives of people.

Colm Andrews