New staff for re-opened Lobster Pot Dive Centre

The Lobster Pot Dive Centre’s dive operation is now fully back up and running following a fire at the Lobster Pot restaurant – which shares the same building – late in 2011. 

According to Nick Buckley, owner of Deep Blue Divers, the facility can now offer new experiences, too. 

“We opened around a month and a half ago. We have been pretty much working off the dock and now the shop has been revamped. We have some new stock and cool new items in there and we are trying to expand things a little. We have a new pad on the side, new ladders to make it much easier to shore dive and two new instructors.” 

They are Damien Massey and Charlie Todd. Mr. Massey was previously employed at Royal Palms in the service industry before a career change in which he studied for, and successfully achieved, the status as dive instructor. 

“Charlie is a career instructor; she has been doing it for over 10 years. She came to us from the Dutch side of St. Maarten,” Mr. Buckley said. 

He added that there would be further refurbishments associated with the restaurant’s own redecoration as it edges closer to reopening. 

The dive centre has other tricks up its sleeve, too. 

“We started refilling the air for private boats; we have been really just trying to make a service for local people and boats that come down,” he concluded.