From the outside

Historically our Caribbean leaders have emerged from a class without privilege or a privileged class sympathetic to the plight of the underprivileged. There are no captains of industry, titans of technology or chieftains of cash. People who grow up in diminished circumstances will always hear an inner voice of fear from poverty. This insecurity follows them into public office and allows them to understand the need of the underclass.

When such a leader falls from grace it is not a call to merriment but a dirge for the loss of dignity. The upper echelons of society wrapped in their blanket of prosperity cannot comprehend the actions of a person who has never experienced this security of tenure.

It is this imbalance that drives crime and other acts of desperation. Nearly every Caribbean leader has had his defects exposed whether pleasures of the flesh, the narcotic of power or simple cronyism. These attributes subsist openly in the selfsame society that relishes an opportunity to sit in judgment.

Cast the first stone. Accountability begins at home so all the non-pension paying, overtime avoiding, safety defying, sexually harassing, no living wage members of the business or government community should embrace this new paradigm. It’s coming to their front door without warning soon.

Mario Rankin