Make sure deals are fair

I have listened for some time now about the Shetty Hospital and the Shetty deal from members of the government. So much has been said about this hospital that is being built to help so many people with jobs.

Nothing has been said, to my knowledge, about how many Caymanians would be employed there as doctors or how many Caymanians will have help to finish their education in the medical field who once they have completed their training, will return to Cayman and take up a position to work in this hospital. And what will we do with the medical waste from that hospital?

I did hear about the 100 heart surgeries that are offered to the Caymanian people who would have to pay their way to India in order to have their operations.

I, for one, thinks that this is a big joke. Caymanians, please take a good look at this offer. We all know that India is so very far away and the airfare would be so high just to go there with, perhaps, a member or members of your family.

God knows how long you would have to stay in this strange land, having to pay hotel bills, perhaps rental cars and other expenses that will hit you while you are there.

God knows what can happen to you while you and your family is there for we all know that region is not stable. I do not mean to put a damper on this hospital, but my people must be aware of the backlash.

The average person on this Island does not have a lot of money to waste, so we must be very careful about deals offered by anyone who, at the end of the day, says we have to use our own money in order for this deal to happen. If this was a deal that offered airfare and hotel plus transportation for the time we are there, this would be the best deal. Like I said, most of my people are still poor.

Also, along with this deal would come protection, for as we here in the West Indies know, that area of the world always has some kind of civil unrest.

Caymanians, don’t be tricked so easily by the members of government and their outside partners. We all know these deals are mostly done to fill their greedy pockets.

This deal that is offered by the Shetty group and partners is not the best deal for us. Take a good look at the jewellery stores operated by people from India. Take a good look and see how many Caymanians are employed by them and see they mostly look out for their very own to work in the shops, if not their other people instead of Caymanians.

The trick has been played on Caymanians too long with members of our own government helping the people from the outside world to pull the wool over the eyes of my people. So if you see that this is the truth, then help stand up and let your voice be heard. Remember your rights and go against all and anyone that is trying to abuse us and go against you and your rights. So, no to any bad deals that government tries to do against us and remember tricks come in many shapes and colours.

From members of our own government and their partners, remember the cruise ship dock they wanted to put on the location where they now want to put the Shetty hospital on.

We may be poor and our people may not have all the things we need here with us on Cayman, but we are not all stupid. So let us seek a better deal for all of our people from the Shetty group and the Cayman Islands government.

All in all we are grateful for the offer, but we must take another look and consider the impact all that this so called free heart surgeries offered by Dr. Shetty will have on our pockets. So to all the members of government and Dr. Shetty and all others that are involved with this Shetty hospital being placed on our Island, please take another look and give us a better deal.

Emile S. Levy