Prison inmates charged with ganja

Both already serving lengthy sentences

Two inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward appeared Tuesday in Summary Court in Grand Cayman on separate charges of possession of ganja. 

First to come before the court was Robert Lewis Terry, 27. Chief Magistrate Nova Hall asked if he was aware of the charge. He replied, “No, ma’am.” He was given papers that constituted the Crown’s case against him. 

The magistrate asked if his being in custody meant that he was remanded or whether he was serving a sentence. Terry indicated he was serving nine years.  

He is accused of having ganja at the prison on 21 August, 2012, but no quantity was specified in the charge. 

Trevino Bodden, 27, was brought into the dock later and indicated to the court that he didn’t know anything about the charge. Asked his status in prison, he replied, “I’m serving two life sentences.” 

He also was given papers setting out the case against him. The charge alleges that he had ganja at the prison 1 June, 2012, but no quantity was indicated. 

Both men had their matters adjourned until 12 February. 

Compass archives show that Terry was originally sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for possession of an unlicensed firearm following an incident at the Caribbean Club in February 2011. The Court of Appeal reduced his sentence last summer to nine years. 

Bodden was found guilty after a jury trial of murdering brothers Brenard Scott and Renold Pearson in East End in November 2006. Bodden appealed the November 2007 verdicts and the Court of Appeal heard arguments in April 2009. The court dismissed the appeal and upheld the convictions. The only sentence for murder in the Cayman Islands is imprisonment for life. 

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