Online poll: Most like the cooler weather most about winter in Cayman

Almost two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online said the their favourite part of Cayman in the winter is the cooler temperatures.  

Of the 571 total respondents, 375 of them – 65.6 per cent – said they liked the lower temperatures best. 

“That weather, boy,” said one person. “Can’t beat that Cayman Christmas breeze.” 

“It’s a nice break from the oppressively hot and humid summer months,” said someone else. 

“Everything is better in the winter: the weather, the events, Christmas season … I love it!” commented another respondent.  

“I actually like all of the above, but cooler temperatures beat out fresh tomatoes just barely,” said one person.  

“Of course you couldn’t have fresh tomatoes without the cooler weather!” 

The second highest segment of respondents – 93 people or 16.3 per cent – said they liked the holidays best about winter in Cayman. 

“The holidays allow me to break from the routine a bit and relax, catch up and spend some quality time with family and friends,” said one person.  

“The cool weather is a sure welcome also!” 

Another 33 people – 5.8 per cent – said they liked best the fact that there’s little rain in the winter. 

“And no hurricane threats,” said one person. 

“No mosquitoes,” said someone else. 

Twenty-four people – 4.2 per cent – said what they liked best about winter in Cayman was fresh tomatoes and other produce. 

“I used to love being outdoors all the time in the winter, but now I’m afraid I’ll be mugged just walking down my quiet street.  

So I guess I’ll have to settle for some nice tomatoes.” 

Twenty-one people said their favourite part of winter in Cayman is lots 
of events.  

“Like fishing,” said one person. 

Another 25 people – 4.4 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

“Good old nor’westers and Christmas breeze,” said one person. 

“Low CUC bills,” said another respondent.  

“It’s Cayman in the winter, not 
Canada,” said someone else. 


Next week’s poll question 

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A lot more than I used to 

A little bit more than I used to 

About the same as I used to 

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