Shades suggested for daytime party

It’s never too early to start warming up for carnival – either too early in the year or too early in the day.

That’s why Cayman Bachannal, the party organisers who have made it their mission to redefine carnival culture and raise the standard of carnival-themed celebrations in Cayman, is bringing you Shades Carnival Day Fete on Saturday, 19 January. It’s one of a series of events that are held throughout the year and are designed to celebrate soca and the spirit of carnival.

So no, in case lovers of trashy novels thought this had something to do with the insanely popular 50 Shades trilogy, it doesn’t.

This is about putting your shades on because the sun will still be high in the sky when the party starts. For this special daytime party, organisers have chosen Tiki Beach as their venue so revellers can dance on the beach, cool off in the ocean, enjoy the views and rehydrate thanks to sponsors Appleton Rum, Heineken and Smirnoff.

The revelry kicks off at 3pm and there will be sunshine, sand, soca and a great party atmosphere with Selecta Renegade, DJ Carter and DJ Lin all on hand to keep the dance floor packed.

Purchase your tickets early for the best deals. $15 pre-sold, $20 at the door and $25 for VIP tickets, including one drink. Tickets can be purchased at Singh’s Roti Shop, J&M Electronics and Funky Tangs.