Editorial for 22 January: It’s the last last day to register

If you’re eligible to vote but haven’t yet registered today
is your last chance to be counted in the 22 May General Election.

Legislators agreed to extend the original 2 January deadline
and Governor Duncan Taylor agreed, setting the newest – and final – deadline as
today, 22 January.

It was thought by all concerned that at least 3,000 more
people could possibly be eligible to become registered voters.

We will know at midnight just how many people took advantage
of the extension.

If you are in that number of people who can vote, but
haven’t registered, take some time out today or tonight to go to the Elections
Office and sign up. The doors will be open and registrations taken from 8.30
this morning through midnight.

The registering officer in Cayman Brac will maintain similar

This is also the last day for those who may have had a
change of name, occupation or street address to get their information correct
on the voter roles. They’ll need to complete a Form 13 and submit it to the Elections

The deadline doesn’t mean that others can’t register. Those
who are eligible to vote can do so at any time, but if you don’t register by
midnight today, you can’t vote in the upcoming General Election.

Already we’ve seen much politicking going on. We implore
those that will be able to vote in May to pay close attention to what the
candidates are saying, and doing.

Some people have already announced their intentions to run
for office while others are still watching on the sidelines, trying to make up
their minds. The Caymanian Compass won’t endorse candidates.

Instead, we will provide you the unbiased information you
need to make up your mind.  We ask that
you listen closely to what candidates say, examine past records of politicians
and political hopefuls to help lead this territory forward. Use this day to
register if you are eligible. Voting is your right and civil duty. We have an
opportunity in a few months time to correct the path the Cayman Islands is on.
But we can only do it through the election process.