Final last day to register

Elections Office open until midnight

Today, 22 January, is the final day for qualified individuals to register as voters in order to take part in the 22 May general election. 

“This is the cut off,” said Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez. “Whoever is on the list, is on the list. Whoever is not on the list can still register, but they won’t be voting in the May elections.”  

The list is the Register of Electors that comes into effect on 1 April. People who registered previously do not need to register again. 

The original close of registrations was 2 January, but the Legislative Assembly passed a government motion asking for an extension. As a result Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor issued an extension until 22 January. 

Through Saturday, 19 January, 167 people attended the Elections Office in Grand Cayman to register since the extension went into effect. In Cayman Brac, there were five newly registered voters. The numbers for Monday were not known at press time. The Elections Office will be open today from 8.30am until midnight, with a registration station set up in the ground floor lobby at 150 Smith Road in George Town. 

Individuals registering to vote must take photo identification and a birth certificate. If the applicant is Caymanian by birth, he or she should also submit a copy of a birth certificate of a parent or grandparent who was born in the Cayman Islands. If the applicant possesses Caymanian status, he or she should submit the certificate of status in addition to the birth certificate. 

The 2009 Constitution also requires that the applicant be 18 on or before Election Day. In addition, he or she must have been resident in the Cayman Islands for a period or periods amounting to not less than two years out of the four immediately preceding registration.