CAL plane does U-turn from Cuba

A Cayman Airways plane bound for Havana, Cuba, returned to Grand Cayman Wednesday afternoon after the captain turned the plane around due to a technical problem.

The airline’s president and CEO Fabian Whorms said flight KX 832 turned back to Cayman as a “precautionary measure” after a technical discrepancy was detected during the flight.

The plane landed safely at Owen Roberts International Airport 30 minutes after departure and the passengers were immediately transferred to another aircraft.

“On arrival, the technical issue was confirmed as minor by our maintenance crews but as Cayman Airways is committed to the highest levels of safety, we commend Captain Grizzel and First Officer Chris Witt for their decision to return as a precautionary measure,” said Mr. Whorms.

“We sincerely thank our customers and the public for their continued support and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused from today’s delays,” he added.

The flight to Havana subsequently departed at 3:30pm and landed at its destination at 4:25pm.

Fire, ambulance and police crews were on standby for the landing.

“The presence of emergency first responders upon the aircraft’s arrival was an operating procedure by the Cayman Islands Airports Authority after receiving notification from Havana air traffic control that Cayman Airways flight was returning with a potential technical problem,” a statement from Cayman Airways on Wednesday read.

The airline stated that the captain did not declare an emergency in flight “as the situation did not warrant it”.

“The captain’s decision to return to home base was a precautionary measure and one to also allow any necessary repairs to be accomplished with minimum disruption to the airlines operating schedule,” the statement continued.

As a result of the delay caused, flights KX 106 from Grand Cayman to Miami and KX 107 from Miami to Grand Cayman were due to depart about an hour and 40 minutes behind schedule. All other flights remain on schedule and Cayman Airways expected no further delays for the reminder of the day.


Flight KX 832 turned back to Cayman following a technical problem.
Norma Connolly


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