Editorial for 23 January: Tired of the trash

We at the Caymanian Compass are sick and tired of the
irresponsible jerks who are trashing our country.

Just to be clear, we’re not writing in a metaphorical sense.
There is too much garbage piling up on our streets and in our

Travelling around the districts of Grand Cayman, one is not
hard pressed to notice the stray pieces of paper trash, cans, bottles, discarded
Styrofoam food containers, etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes such objects may appear on local beaches having
washed up from the sea where they were discarded by boaters or cruise ship

At other times, people have tossed the junk out of the
window of their car or they simply throw the remains of whatever they were
eating on the ground.

It is impossible for us to control the behaviour of cruise
ship passengers. However, there can be no excuse for the person who is ambling
along a side street and just drops a piece of trash – often in the very
neighbourhood where they live – and goes along their way.

There is no excuse for such ridiculous, disrespectful acts.
Anyone who chucks their trash out the window or drops it onto the ground does
not love this country.

They obviously do not understand or care for the pristine
beauty of the small piece of paradise in which they live, or indeed how fragile
that environmental beauty might prove in the future.

We have enough problems here trying to determine the right
way to handle our “bigger picture” issues with the George Town landfill –
rapidly becoming the highest vantage point in the western Caribbean Sea.

And while the powers that be are trying to figure out what
to do with Mount Trashmore, people who live and visit in the Cayman Islands
should do all that they can to recycle their waste.

There are already many groups in the country that take
things such as glass, plastic and aluminium for recycling. Find out who is
collecting these in your neighbourhood and do your part.

There is no reason to add to Mount Trashmore. Each of us can
take responsibility for our own garbage and make this place a better one in
which to live.

That’s our collective responsibility.



  1. We should understand that many here hates Cayman, and will do anything to tear it down or trash it.
    If trashing of our streets are not bad enough, many dump piles of trash on other people property; which homeowners should take some responsibility. Could you imagine what our country would look like if there were not a daily clean-up of our travel-ways. I give a special thank you to the Parks and cemetery
    section, outstanding work keeping the parks neat and clean..

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