Fresh Carnival to launch Batabano band

When an event is billed Galactic Odyssey: The Truth is Out There, we can’t help but prick up our ears.

So consider our hearing-holes on full alert at the launch of Fresh Carnival’s Band for Batabano Carnival 2013 with a presentation titled just that.

Olujimi Pierre says that “the theme will be taking you on a galactic journey throughout the universe displaying costumes from the most amazing and talented up and coming designers. Each designer has chosen a different galaxy to represent and the show will take you through an out of this world experience”.

Cosmic, Del, cosmic.

He also notes that it’s an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of local and international designers, as well as to show appreciation for the love of carnival.

The event takes place at The Living Room this Saturday, 26 January. Doors open at 8pm and show time is 9.30pm.