Spencer has punchy outlook

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the Cayman Islands and under its new president the national team and other aspiring champs look set for another eventful year.

Since being elected president of the Cayman Islands Amateur Boxing Association six months ago, Terence Spencer has been busy revamping the organisation as they are now evolving into a world class powerhouse which will be internationally renowned come the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Since being elected president, membership of the association has increased by 30 per cent.

As a former elite international amateur boxer, Spencer knows what it takes to be the best and to lead the association and its national team to Olympic glory.

His primary objective has been to raise awareness of the sport in the Cayman Islands and enhance the opportunities for local boxers.

Spencer and the association are convinced that the country’s first Olympic medal will be at Rio 2016 as there is one slogan shared amongst the coaches and boxers: “One goal – gold!”

Given his immense experience in boxing, Spencer has secured bouts for the Cayman Islands national team to attend this year as the association feels that time is of the essence in order to truly be prepared to take on the world’s best by the Rio Games.

He has also scheduled a series of local profile awareness sparring shows that start on Friday 25 January at various locations around the Island.

Liquid Nitro is providing its drinks as the exclusive energy provider for members of the boxing association.

The boxing association has had extreme difficulties in raising the funds needed to continue to provide a sporting outlet for the at-risk youth and the children of the community who participate in the after school programme which has been severely underfunded.

The boxing association has continued to provide for over 60 children who participate in the gym activities on a daily basis.

The Cayman Islands national boxing team is heading for Cuba (Dariel Ebanks) and Florida (Kendall and Tafari Ebanks) for training camp to prepare for the Independence Cup in Santiago, Dominican Republic in a month’s time.

Spencer said: “The boxing association is looking forward to an exciting 2013 and encourages persons wanting to get involved in the sport to make contact.

“The association is grateful for support from the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee as well as its sponsors.”

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