Surf Challenge free for all

The East End Surf Challenge and all the great events around it is on this weekend – and what an extravanganza it promises to be! 

It’s the first public holiday of the year, Heroes Weekend, and the creator of the event is a hero for keeping it going for 13 years. 

It features not just great jet ski racing but also the celebrated Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea Cook Off, great music from a host of DJs and lots of other mini-fun events like dance contests, a fashion show, giveaways and raffles.  

It starts on Friday when the Surf Jam Kick Off party is thrown at Pirates Cove Bar, East End. Music by Eternal Vibes from Miami, which includes DJs Atom Skillz, Toya Skillz, Sound Revolution, DJ Sly and DJ Vicious. It runs from Happy Hour until late. 

Soca Frenzy is on Saturday, 26 January, again at Pirates Cove Bar, with the same DJs and runs from 3pm to midnight. The GOL Beach Football Tournament runs on Sunday, 27 January, at Collier’s Public Beach, East End, again with music by Eternal Vibes and the rest of the crew.  

The East End Surf Challenge and Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea Cook Off Finals are on the Monday, Heroes Day 28 January at Collier’s Public Beach.  

Shane ‘Nobee’ Edwards, chairman of Two Frenzied, organisers of the event, gets the credit for starting the annual East End Surf Challenge. 

He said the district needed its own big event and decided to tie in the jet skiing with the fish tea competition and create a series of events around it to generate a carnival-like atmosphere.  

A former top jet ski racer himself, he is looking forward to seeing the racers with the best of local talent competing alongside American pros.  

“We have Corey Miller, Jordan ‘JJ’ Mclean, Taylor Foster and GJ Whittaker ready to race,” Edwards said.  

“We are getting a great response from the public and all our DJs about the event,” he said.  

“On the day we will be doing a musical tribute to Jazzy B, one of the pioneers, within the DJ fraternity.  

“DJ Atom Skillz and Supa C are eager for this tribute as he was someone they worked with and looked up to in their early years.  

“All the other DJs although younger will show their respects in the tribute as well.  

“It is important that we always remember those that have paved the way for us and Jazzy B definitely made a huge contribution to where we are at today in the music revolution. 

“This will be a tribute you won’t want to miss. A great line up of DJs that are truly supporting the event. 

“Atom Skillz, Toya Skillz, Eternal Vibes from Miami, Supa C, Sound Revolution, DJ Carter, DJ Lin, DJ Sly, DJ Vicious and it is hosted by DJ Dom(U)neek.  

“We are also expecting other surprise guest appearances. The East End Surf Challenge 2013 is going to be fabulous. 

“And did I mention fish tea! It’s going to be crazy. We will have the best collection of fish tea cooks on the Island in one place, cooking up fish tea to win big prizes with Edsil of Cayman Cabana (Winner of George Town), Freko – CAP Caymanians Against Poverty (Winner of West Bay), Miss Shirley and the Big Bamboo Crew (Winner of Bodden Town), John Miller of Miller’s Caboose (Winner of North Side) and Huswell Rankine and the Hillside crew (Winner of East End).  

“To taste fish tea you will need to purchase a nicely printed cup and get your self a ticket to vote for the People’s Choice winner. The fish tea is going to be mouthwatering, Uncle Selvin says so. 

“We will be having breakfast for all the early goers and riders. It wont be too early on Heroes Day to get good East End food from breakfast to dinner with all the great East End food on sale, fish and fritters and J&M Jerk, Nadine’s Hot Spot, Esdil from Cayman Cabana with his famous Popcorn Conch. The food is going to be awesome.” 

Every year, Edwards strives to make improvements and the introduction of a large beach bar, stage on the water’s edge, the event hosted by DJ Dom(U)neek, entertainment on the beach and most importantly no entrance fee, makes it even more attractive.  

“Show us some love and come out and support the East End Surf Challenge on Heroes Day this weekend at the Colliers Public Beach East End. No entry fee, just bring a lot of love and have fun. 

“People are excited that there is no entrance fee but they still feel the event is well worth an entrance fee. 

“The event has a lot of local flavour and has been around for 13 years. The location is great for spectators as well as sampling the local food. The event always aims to make contributions to the community for education and needy cases. 

“The atmosphere on the beach is great and the DJs love to play with a great audience of people. 

“I’m very thankful for the support I have received from What’s Hot, Flava and the entire Caycompass organisation.  

“Also Richard Flowers for supporting every year for almost 10 years now with the Fish Tea Cook Off. Vibe FM is the radio station that made the event way back when they first opened.” 

“We would definitely like to see record numbers attend the event especially since there is no entrance fee and the large number of DJs that are coming out to support the event. 

“It is going to have a great turnout because of all the elements on offer.” 


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