The Healing Power of Music

Widely used in Canada, Europe and the USA, the Tomatis Method, a form of sound therapy has also been available in Cayman for over a year through Cayman Echoic Services.

Developed by French ear, nose and throat specialist Alfred Tomatis, the Tomatis Method uses modified versions of Mozart’s symphonies and Gregorian chants to accelerate the development of listening, language and communications skills.

This form of therapy can benefit just about anybody, from the stressed out career person needing to relax, to special needs children who have speech and language difficulties. Because this therapy creates new neurological connections, it can help individuals suffering from brain damage, stroke or learning disabilities.

Although in Europe the success of this method is such that many insurance companies cover the costs of this therapy, in Cayman that is not the case, and the treatment remains out of the financial reach of many of the children who could most benefit from it. For this reason, Cayman Echoic Services is appealing to local businesses and individuals to consider sponsoring a child or a group to receive this therapy.

Cayman Echoic Service’s activities are not limited to this auditory stimulation programme, however.

They offer after school activities, for children aged five to twelve. During these sessions children will play games, do arts and crafts or solve puzzles. They may be listening to the Sound Health CDs – essentially the unfiltered version of the music used in the Tomatis Method – while engaging in these activities, which helps to keep the brain active.

Spanish tutoring for all ages is also available, as are English classes for people for whom English is not a first language. Children may just want some fun learning experiences, while for adults more structured classes are available. Both may also make use of Tomatis technology, in the form of specially adapted headphones and microphones which can accelerate learning.

When you need documents translated from Spanish into English or vice versa, look no further than Cayman Echoic Services. Business, legal or medical documents of any length will be accurately translated, quickly and efficiently.

A series of Sound Health CDs, each adapted to a specific need, be it relaxation, motivation or peak performance, can be purchased from Cayman Echoic Services. Music for Babies is also available: the same concept is applied to nursery rhymes, which are modified to have a soothing, energizing or comforting effect on infants.

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