Civil servants on the run

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson has issued a challenge to the civil servants in the Cayman Islands: join him in this year’s half marathon. 

Mr. Manderson is hoping that at least 50 members of the civil service will hit the road with him and start training to get ready for December’s marathon. 

“It’s part of our wellness programme,” said Mr. Manderson, who has lost more than 40 pounds through diet and exercise during the last two years. “I’d like to see civil servants pay more attention to their health and well being and to get out and exercise and participate in a community-based activity.” 

As well as giving them an opportunity to burn calories and get fit, training and taking part in the half marathon will get disparate sections of the civil service together socially, said the deputy governor, who competed in the half marathon in 2012 and 2011. 

“I cannot think of a better way to socialise. You get out there and you improve your health and well being, you become physically fit. There’s no downside to something like this,” said Mr. Manderson, adding that exercise is also an excellent way to relieve job stress. 

Since his plans to make the civil service a fitter organisation were revealed in minutes of the latest meeting of the government’s chief officers, several civil servants have already come forward to meet his challenge. 

Mr. Manderson, who heads the civil service, plans to set up a government team, complete with an as yet undecided name and T-shirts, and to get the Department of Sports involved in organising training sessions and getting the team ready for the marathon.  

Participants will have the option of taking part in relays, walking the half marathon or running the half or full marathon, Mr. Manderson said. 


  1. Quick Question for the organiser of the Marathon,

    Is the Marathon still doing what it was created to do when it was firts started by Tara Trickette some 10 years ago? That is to provide sponsorship and monetary support to the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps to enable them to continue offering the program to our youth?

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