Cops tase burglary suspect

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers didn’t take long to use their new Taser electric shock weapons to good effect.

Jeff Pandohie, the 44-year-old burglary suspect who escaped from police custody on 21 January, has been arrested following the first field use of Taser by the RCIPS.

Shortly after 2.30pm Thursday, officers from Bodden Town, the Uniform Support Group [armed officers] and the RCIPS K9 unit were involved in extensive searches for Pandohie.

The USG and K9 officers were on Bodden Town beach, near to Manse Road, when they were confronted by the suspect who emerged from a bush area armed with a large knife.

Pandohie refused to comply with officers’ instructions to put down his weapon. He then ran, still armed with the knife, towards unarmed officers, according to police.

An officer from the USG, who was armed with both his conventional firearm and Taser, discharged the Taser at the suspect bringing him immediately to the ground.

Officers quickly subdued the suspect, disarmed him, removed the Taser probes which administer the electric charge to incapacitate, and then provided first aid.

Pandohie was arrested and was placed in police custody.

Police are compiling a report on the use of the Taser weapon now, officials said. .

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding Pandohie’s escape on 21 January is currently under way.



  1. Guess you could say he was CHARGED, then arrested…Ha Ha …his arrest was WELL DONE.

    Think this is a perfect demonstration of how the Taser allows a knife carrying suspect to be arrested without putting officers in harms way nor shooting the suspect.

    Good job guys.

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