Mojitos on the menu – how better to relax?

Eagle-throated imbibers of beverages will have noted that periodically Breezes by the Bay celebrates the quintessential drink of the Caribbean – the Mojito. 

Coming up on Friday, 8 February is the latest in the Mojito Mystique series, which this time celebrates the Orient and introduces the world of the mojito in an Asian style. What this means is that the food is inspired by that ace area of the world, from artisan pizzas to a special food station which enables us to make this joke. 

A man goes to a Chinese restaurant. The waiter brings him rice, noodles, soy, some chopsticks and a lovely steaming pot of Jasmine tea. At the centrepiece of the table is a plate underneath a stainless steel plate cover. As the man contemplates his meal, the cover opens a tiny bit from the bottom and a pair of tiny eyes blinks at him for a second. The cover slams down.  

Unsure of what he’s seen, the customer rubs his own eyes and calls the waiter over. 

“Excuse me,” says the man, gingerly. “I thought I saw the most curious thing. The plate cover raised on its own and a small pair of eyes blinked at me for a split second. Am I going mad?” 

“Oh no sir,” smiles the waiter. 

“That’s the peeking duck.” 

Actually it works better said out loud. Anyway tickets are $35 and there’s five unlimited mojito stations. Come back after you’ve been around a couple of times and maybe that joke might seem a bit funnier. 


For more information, call 949-8439. 

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