First pedestrian crosswalk on WB Road active

The new pedestrian crosswalk on West Bay Road in front of the Strand shopping centre is now active.

It’s the first crosswalk to be placed along the Seven Mile Beach corridor for pedestrians and the National Roads Authority advises drivers to be on the lookout.

The crosswalk has a flashing yellow sign that can be activated by pedestrians, as well as a consistent flashing yellow beacon to warn motorists of the presence of the crosswalk. It has been installed following the 2010 review on ways to improve pedestrian safety on West Bay Road.

“The Government is always looking for ways in which to improve road safety and the experience for all who uses our road systems. Marked crosswalks are one of the tools that works to enhance pedestrian’s mobility and safety,” said Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. “Now we need the driving public and pedestrians to be pay particular attention to the signs – drivers should stop when the lights are flashing yellow and pedestrians should only walk when the sign says walk.”

“West Bay Road carries a high volume of traffic and running through a largely tourist area, there is unfortunately a high potential for traffic accidents. Creating the crosswalk is the first step in attempting to make this stretch of road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike,” said Marion Pandohie, NRA transportation planner.

Once the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension to West Bay is completed, it is expected that there will be a reduction of the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 and additional activated crosswalks will be installed along the West Bay Road.

In addition, intersection improvements at Lawrence Boulevard will be used to improve the “pedestrian landscape” of West Bay Road. Other proposals included the improvement of overhead lighting for better pedestrian visibility, NRA officials said.

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