Four new dengue cases confirmed

Test results received this week on suspected cases of dengue fever in the Cayman Islands confirmed four ‘positive’ results, bringing the total number of dengue infections here since last year to 40.

All four cases were locally transmitted, health officials determined, because none had any travel history. Five other test results received this week were found to be negative.

The last known onset of dengue fever within the Cayman Islands was reported on 18 January.

The distribution of all confirmed dengue cases now known to exist is as follows: 31 in West Bay, five in George Town and four in Bodden Town.

Of the 40 positive cases, 12 had recent travel history to countries where the fever is considered “endemic” and 28 did not.

So far for 2013, the total number of cases investigated for possible dengue is 31. There were 94 total cases investigated in 2012.



The aedes aegypti mosquito transmits dengue fever to humans.


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