Hospital needs more magazines

Sometimes people’s generosity and recycling efforts don’t have the effect they’d intended, as Carol Hay is finding out. 

Ms Hay launched the Waiting for Josephine magazine drive last year to collect reading material for patients and their relatives in the Cayman Islands Hospital’s waiting areas. And while many people answered the call and left their old Cosmos and Vogues and Vanity Fairs and lots of other magazines at the drop-off points, there have also been lots of fare that don’t exactly make for good reading – like telephone books. 

“I’m getting plumbing and electrical catalogues, brochures, phone books … you name it!” 
Ms Hay said. 

Recent donations at the drop-off centres at Books & Books in Camana Bay and at the Cancer Society, next to the hospital, have also 
been “very scanty”.  

“This week I was unable to do my weekly hospital distribution because I only had a few dozen magazines. It’s very sad as people have grown to expect them at the hospital,” she said. 

So now, she’s putting out a renewed appeal to Cayman’s magazine readers to donate their old magazines, urging them to think about what they would like to read if they were sitting in a hospital hallway or waiting room. 

The Waiting for Josephine campaign is named after Josephine Lindo, who worked for Ms Hay for 19 years, and who died from cancer complications last year, shortly before the campaign was launched in July. 

Ms Hay and Ms Lindo waited together for many hours in the hospital while Ms Lindo was diagnosed and subsequently treated for her cancer. Those long hours of waiting prompted the women to 
come up the idea.