Rights are being refused

I have no idea if this letter will reach you but I needed to say again to you that many of the challenges facing our tiny Island state have resulted from those empowered refusing us the right to define ourselves as a people. From the earliest period of our modern development when we were defined as a postcard people until today when we are seen by many as untrustworthy and ungrateful many of us have fought to have a must more fair definition of ourselves.

We are not the lazy shiftless people some say time forgot or who forgot time. We are a people emerging into the 1st Century by applying all our human capabilities and natural assets and we should not be mocked or ridiculed. But when we see the way that the local media treats some of us including our former Premier we must wonder if the master plan is not to take us out one at a time.

The criminalisation of our people even at the highest level is part and parcel of an old antiquated colonial process, which then leaves a power vacuum to be filled by the local economic elite. I pointed out my feelings about attempts at my own criminalisation long ago but not many listened; however, I knew that this was just another way of the others defining me in order to get rid of me. And does it not strike you as extremely absurd that the former premier has not been charged with only a few weeks left before our election cycle seriously begins.

Does this mean our colonial masters are playing with fire or just plainly sticking fire to their plantation?

Frank McField


  1. Sounds like the old blame game is alive and well in this contribution. Dr Frank has had some serious questions posed to him that he continues to ignore, until he speaks up his political future will remain in doubt.

  2. I suppose it is pure coincidence that this letter appears in the newspaper on the same date that the name Frank Swarres McField appears on the Cause List for Obstructing Police and Resisting Arrest.

    Our colonial masters must have a special gift to get anyone they want to place themselves in a position where they can be charged with something.

  3. Dr Frank, ignore Panama_Jack. This is a far more wider issue that is over us than your one police incident:

    I sincerely believe that the aim of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is to maintain control over the Overseas Territories to such a degree that the best way to ensure that control is to make sure their economies and self-governance remains weak, and they are dependent upon the UK.

    Look at Turks and Caicos Islands. How Misick challenged the FCO, campaigned for independence prior to them declaring full rule on the island nation. The TCI economy was prosperous at the time, and there was talks of at least moving the island towards more self-governance so it wouldnt have to be dependent on the UK. But in 2009 we know what happened. Some rat was found in his own party and whether he did wrong or not, he was defined as a rat, and that served the FCO’s purpose. Sure enough if you search for a huge rat, you will find one just like if you search for a huge rat in the FCO you will surely many there. In 2009 they took over the island, weakening once again TCI. Shamefully TCI had to get bailed out by UK taxpayers some years ago under the UK dictatorship. To date she is under a modern day colonial rule with the help of spy networks like the M15.

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