Coalition premise will work

We support in principle the COALITION for CAYMAN, which is “a public awareness and advocacy group focused on ending party politics, setting Cayman on track for a secure economic future, and creating economic opportunity for all Caymanians”.

The Progressive Peoples Movement Chairman Mr. Duckworth has confirmed that C for C is good for Cayman by his political attack on it and his humorous allegation that the Coalition will help the UDP in an election! The Coalition will support some independent candidates not PPM or UDP.

The recent release against the C for C chairman by the Progressives is divisive politics and not progressive for the country. When writers do not put their name to press letters or releases the public should pay very little attention to them. Only fools do not change their minds when necessary. Mr. Bergstrom is a highly qualified professional with experience at managing a large legal entity.

Some voters have told us that they have changed their mind and believe that political parties are dividing up some communities and some households and are not good for Cayman.

The PPM MLAs were the government for over three years and they had every opportunity to change the law to bring in the single member constituencies (single vote) and they promoted the 2009 constitution, which left out the single vote. The PPM now seems to be in favour of the single vote when they only have four of 15 MLAs and cannot pass it. Even Progressives can change their mind!

For 10 years we have written many letters stating goals similar to those of the Coalition C4C. However to achieve these goals there must be willing, able and capable independent candidates, preferably in teams to win seats in the Legislative Assembly.

At present, the necessary checks and balances are not in the constitution and we must rely on the UK to see that ministers and members of the LA abide by the laws eg the Public Management and Finance Law on fiscal responsibility.

The Framework for Fiscal Responsibility between Cayman and the UK protects the Cayman Public from future excessive spending of the Public’s money by political party Governments. It also protects the public from deficits eg. the PPM left an ($81,000,000) eighty-one million dollar deficit in 2009 and protects from future large borrowings and contractual commitments (a large part of the present debt was by the PPM Government for the new schools, roads and new administrative building), which the public is heavily taxed to repay over many years.

Put shortly, the FFR forces future governments to abide by the PMFL law, which governments prior to the year 2000 did and to produce and publish consolidated audited final Government accounts, which the party governments have not done in about the last seven years but have spent over two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000).

The main answer lies in voting in independent candidates and amending the constitution to put in the necessary checks and balances with sanctions that for serious breaches of certain laws like the PMFL the minister or MLA will lose his or her seat in the Cabinet and/or the LA.

John McLean

Truman Bodden

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