Shetty hospital approved

Health City Cayman Islands developers have obtained permission to build the first phase of the hospital for the Dr. Devi Shetty medical tourism project in East End.

Project director Gene Thompson said construction will begin shortly, according to a news release.

The first phase of the hospital will include 140 beds, operating theatres and other support facilities, comprising more than 107,000 square feet. According to the news release, “Initially the hospital will offer cardiac and orthopaedic services to local, regional, and international patients with additional tertiary-care specialties being added as the medical complex expands. First patients are expected in early 2014.”

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  1. I see so many Disagreement votes on this, why is it that people don’t like the idea of bringing this health Care Facility to Cayman, or is that people just like to disagree with everything? I am sure that if the people that are against it come down with Heart problems they will be the first in line at the door..Won’t it also give young people chances to get into the medical field locally if they apply themselves and get a medically based education.

    I just don’t understand what anyone could find bad about this.. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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