A shady deal to benefit Cancer Society

As the temperature climbs and days get hotter and even sunnier, it’s time to find some shade.

A new business in George Town is providing shade that customers can take anywhere with them in the form of parasols, including one designed with a pink ribbon representing the fight against breast cancer.

According to Para De Sol owner Gal Anziska, the Cancer Awareness Parasol, sells for US$30, half of the proceeds of which go to the Cancer Society and will be sold on a continuous basis.

“We appreciate the support,” said Jennifer Weber, operations manager of the Cancer Society. “It seems like a stylish way to get some shade and the Cancer Society would always encourage people to seek shade between 10am and 2pm.”

Helen Anziska, who mans the parasol stall on Harbour Drive, explained that parasols are proving popular both as souvenirs for the many tourists that disembark at the George Town harbour every day, as well a very useful way of keeping the sun off their heads.

“It’s something that protects you from the sun, it saves your skin, it’s good for the environment and it’s 100 per cent eco-friendly,” Ms Anziska said.

The biodegradable parasols are made of sustainable bamboo wood and rice paper and, as well as the pink ribbon parasol, come in a variety of designs, including ones featuring the Cayman flag and the iconic stingrays.


  1. What a good idea! Enterprising ideas like these in difficult economic times are surely to be applauded. This will Boost the Cancer Society’s resources and help keep people safe from the fierce mid day sun. The prevention ,cure and treatment of cancer is a battle to be won.

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