Racing beds at large

Warning: should you happen to be strolling through Camana Bay on the afternoon of Saturday, 16 February, you could be in for a strange sight indeed. Extravagantly decorated beds, complete with pyjama-clad riders, will be raced up and down Main Street by teams of bed pushers.  

Yup, it’s the annual Rotary Bed Race, and it begins at 1pm.  

It’s bound to be quite a spectacle, so although registration for racing teams has now closed, you might just want to show up and watch.  

Prior to the actual races, there will be an inspection of the beds to ensure they are in accordance with the race rules, starting at 1pm.  

All beds must have four wheels as they will be tearing up and down the road and going over speed bumps. They may not, however, have any form of propulsion other than their humanoid pushers, or any kind of steering device. The rider must lie or sit in bed – no jumping out and helping to push! – and they must be dressed in pyjamas.  

Teams are encouraged to decorate their beds as ornately as possible, and there will be parade of beds followed by judging. Prizes will be awarded for not only for the fastest racers but also for the Best Dressed Bed, the Most Outrageous Bed and the Broken Spring Award.  

The actual races begin at 3pm and the course is from one end of Main Street to the other and back again. Races will be run in heats, so teams could potentially be completing the course up to three times. Here’s hoping the beds can cope with the beating they will take.  

The annual Bed Race is a Rotary fundraiser and net proceeds will go to Polio Plus, fighting to eradicate polio worldwide.  

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