Quizzers, assemble

Regular readers of this august and extraordinary publication will have no doubt noted that we like the odd quiz. 

Even better when it’s in a good cause, too, which is why we’re delighted to indicate the upcoming Cayman Islands Humane Society Pub Quiz. 

Fidel Murphy’s is the venue, Thursday, 21 February, is the date, 7pm is the time and the end of the sentence is here. 

Quizmaster Pete Carlow will be there to keep the unruly hordes in line. Teams are of six people maximum, with an entry fee of $10 per person. 

For your dosh you get the chance to win ‘fantastic prizes,’ which we can’t elaborate on too much because it’s a secret and anyway that much gold is really heavy. Oops. There probably won’t be gold. Don’t come looking for us if there isn’t, OK. Ta. 

Proceeds, however, do go toward transferring dogs to their new homes in the United States. This really is an awesome second chance for the pooches of the ever-full Humane Society kennels. 


You can call Fidel Murphy’s to reserve a table on 949 5189 or email the effervescent Justine Riseley on [email protected] 

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