‘Zulu’ may lose classic car

Andreas “Zulu” Kettner may have to retire his custom made classic Mini Cooper vehicle with the large can of Red Bull on the back, after thieves broke into it last weekend and ripped out the dashboard.  

About eight cases of the Red Bull product that Mr. Kettner delivers around Grand Cayman were stolen as well. The theft occurred sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning outside his George Town address.  

The car is not operable and Mr. Kettner doubts whether anyone will be able to fix it.  

“The mini is an old model and they don’t make it anymore,” Mr. Kettner said. “That’s going to affect my Red Bull sales, sponsorships … it’s going to affect the Red Bull girls because we don’t have the Mini Cooper.”  

The economy-sized mini does not haul a large amount of Red Bull product to local stores; for that Mr. Kettner uses a box truck. Rather, the mini is used as a marketing vehicle. Mr. Kettner said the three Red Bull girls drive the vehicle to various events, sporting matches and construction sites to hand out the product and do public relations work.  

“It’s a part-time job, but it’s still extra money they make and they really love the job,” he said.  

Why someone would take the dashboard out of the old mini has baffled Mr. Kettner. He speculates the thieves were looking for a part to replace the dash of one of the other Mini Cooper vehicles on the island.  

It’s not the first time Mr. Kettner’s Red Bull stocks have taken a hit from thieves. In 2010, about 40 cases were taken from his box truck – worth about $1,500. There were other items in the back of the box truck, including refrigerators, but nothing else was taken.  

Nothing other than the dash and the eight cases of Red Bull were taken in the Mini Cooper break in, Mr. Kettner said. He called police to investigate the matter and said they responded Saturday to take prints and obtain other information.  

“I just had all the body work done on it and the roll top replaced, now there’s fingerprint dust all over it,” he said. “The people who did this are just [expletives].” 


  1. When this men will be caught? or why? simple questions that public demands from the Police. Such small place as Cayman is and we are getting a crime rate of a large country. People are getting paranoid and affraid of all the crimes; our society and behaviors has changed dramatically and the worst thing this men who do all this crimes still at large.

  2. The Police and Customs had better start checking all out going boats for stolen items. There are a number of operators sailing between the islands and how often is outbound cargo checked……especially when the boat is loading in some canal somewhere! Chances are this was an order for a ‘customer’ in a neighbouing island.

  3. Zulu lives in the SAME complex that I do. It was not only his car that was broken into recently. A few other cars were burgled but not to the damage of Zulu’s car. Another resident had some of their outside patio furniture stolen overnight a few weeks ago as well. My car door was actually open when my husband went to go to work at 7 am two weeks ago. The car HAD been locked. He thinks someone may have scared the burglar away. I wont even leave my children’s window opened at night because of these recent burglaries. I wonder how many incidents have happened around us…sounds like many.

  4. Is there anybody out there who could booby-trap a car, something that attracts these scumbags, like an old Honda Civic with big wheels. Wire the door handle up to mains voltage, or have a giant exploding bag of pink dye.

  5. ThinkTank, totally agree that they should be doing more…

    …of course the cynic in me wonders how much customs gets in duty when all the stolen goods are replaced?

    Zulu, Don’t despair these mini’s are still phenominally popular in the UK and there are a myriad of companies offering used parts and remanufacturing original parts – British Motor Heritage have the rights to produce parts for Austin and MG models no longer in production – many parts have quality which is better than the original factory produced.

    Try E-Bay.co.uk and you’ll probably find a used dash panel or patterns to cut a new one out of Steel, Ally, or even MDF/plywood if you fancied covering in foam and a nice matching blue vinyl.

    Keep the car on the road even if it’s just as a two fingered salute to those thieving [email protected]!#ds.

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