All the love in the world

Artist Luelan Bodden has created a special Valentine’s sculpture to represent all the love in the world. 

The piece is called “Butterfly Flower” and is fashioned from conch shells found in the Cayman Islands. 

Inspired by the love of his wife, Dawn, to whom he has been married for 22 years, Mr. Bodden spent four, eight-hour days making the sculpture. It has the feel of glass and ceramic and he cut the shells with diamond blades similar to tools used by a dentist. 

“Conch shells already have their own art, so I just tried to adapt what was already there. The thing about sculpting is being able to see what you want to make, before you even begin,” he said 

Luelan is a self-taught artist who likes to use recycled materials in his pieces. 

“Conch shells are often discarded once the meat has been removed, so I use them to create art. I’m big fan of recycling and we all need to play our part to be more environmentally responsible,” he said. 

The “Butterfly Flower” follows on from a piece he made for Dawn last year, also created from conch shells. 

“Although that was dedicated to my wife, this year’s piece is for sale and I have made it to be significant to anybody who is in love, whether with someone else, their kids or even their dog,” he said.