Felicia and Amber soar with Eagles

A pair of young ladies are rising to new heights in California. 

Felicia Connor and Amber Watson are the latest Caymanian basketball players to leap to the West Coast. The girls attend Capistrano Valley Christian School in southern Orange County and play for the Eagles girls team. 

Both have propelled their squad to a winning record thus far. Connor, 17, led the Eagles to a 53-23 win over Cornelia Connelly School this month with a team-high 17 points. Watson, 18, chipped in eight rebounds, four points, four assists with two blocks and two steals. 

Marcia Connor is Felicia’s mum and states her daughter ended up in the city of San Juan Capistrano through local coach Redver Ebanks. 

“Felicia and Amber went abroad to further their passion in basketball in California,” Marcia said. “Felicia’s coach, Redver Ebanks, recommended the school and I was on board and impressed with it as well.  

“I am very thrilled and happy that she is fulfilling her dreams and aspirations in basketball. I’m also very proud of her accomplishments, both on the court and in school.” 

Connor and Watson have been involved in Ebanks’ Women of Valour girls basketball team. The developmental squad competed in the national women’s league in the past, playing under the name Welly’s Cool Spot in recent years. 

Both girls have excelled in youth basketball, playing in junior competitions like the Under-19 and U-16 leagues. Connor and Watson also played for the Cayman national team which competed at the 2011 CentroBasket U-17 Women’s Championship in Gurabo, Puerto Rico two summers ago. 

California has become a hub for local players as many young men have travelled to Santa Clarita. The Santa Clarita Christian School Cardinals currently boast Phillip Webb, Maynor Brooks, Christopher Collins and Larue Nixon.  

In the past, the Cardinals had Davion Cotterell, the first Caymanian to play at the school and Tikko Moore, who experimented at tight-end on the Cardinals’ American football team. Cotterell is now at the University of Tampa while Moore competes at Simpson University in Redding, California.  

Marcia states it is good her daughter has another Caymanian in California for support. 

“I am very happy that Amber is fulfilling her dream and doing great as well. Both girls have each other and they are a great contribution to their team. Both Holly-Ann (Amber’s mother) and I are very proud mothers.” 

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