Webster candidate in Bodden Town


Errington Albert Webster was born to the parents of Veta (Bush) Webster and the late Nical Alberto Webster. He has been married for 29 years to Millicent M. Webster and together they have been blessed with two children, Eric K. Webster and Melesia A. (Webster) Adderley. 

Mr. Webster is the former communications officer, stress peer counsellor and APCO Institute Communication instructor for the Cayman Islands Fire Service. 

Mr. Webster has chosen to retire after his commitment and long service to the people of the Cayman Islands for 31 years. Now that he has retired, Mr. Webster has chosen to continue to enhance his public service role by declaring his intention to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2013 general election for the district of Bodden Town. Mr. Webster, whose campaign slogan is “Reach Out, Make a Difference”, strongly believes that he can make a significant national contribution in taking the Cayman Islands forward financially, socially and spiritually. 

When asked why he has chosen to now enter the political arena, Mr. Webster said, “I have been carefully studying the political arena in the Cayman Islands for the past 26 years and I have concluded that our islands are in need of a new and improved style of leadership. Contesting for the fourth seat in Bodden Town, I would like for the citizens of these Cayman Islands, especially the people of Bodden Town, to know that they can hold me to my word and can trust in me to demonstrate such needed leadership.” 

From Mr. Webster’s background, there is little room to doubt that he can, and will, exhibit such leadership. 

Mr. Webster has vividly and consistently demonstrated and proven his outstanding leadership skills both on­ the job and within the community and it can be said that he is truly a man of honesty, integrity and good character. 

Mr. Webster seems to be well prepared for this upcoming general election and from speaking with him and reading his manifesto, it is evident that he has a true passion for the betterment and enhancement for ALL the people of the Cayman Islands, especially those within his own district – Bodden Town.
“With the 12 objectives, which are reflected in my manifesto, in addition to our people casting their votes with sound judgment and examining the character and conduct of all candidates and our people reaching out and working together, we can have joy in our land.” Some of Mr. Webster’s manifesto objectives include areas such as education, employment, positive representation from our elected leaders, management of public funds and the National Conservation Law, just to name a few. 

Mr. Webster has confirmed that he will not be seeking endorsement with any political party or advocacy group; nevertheless, he is open and willing to work with everyone once they have the country’s best interests at heart. To find out more information about Mr. Webster and his campaign, you can visit his website at www.votewebster.ky, contact him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/votewebster or on Twitter @VoteWebster, email him at [email protected], or give him a call at 947-3511 or 916­-7642. 


The Caymanian Compass will publish candidate’s announcements and letters to the editor from them and their supporters, at the Editor’s discretion and with proper editing for style and libel, until 1 March, 2013. Candidates who purchase advertising will have their initial announcement declaring their intention to run for office on Page 1 for one time only on the same day of the advertisement. 

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