Judge stays release of Op Tempura records

An English high court judge has stayed the release of a complaint filed by the former chief investigating officer of the ill-fated Operation Tempura corruption probe.

The decision also serves to withhold from public view a 185-page review of that complaint, which cost Cayman Islands taxpayers more than $300,000 to produce and which was sought under a freedom of information request filed by a private UK citizen.

According to an 8 February decision by Justice Sir Alan Moses, Governor Duncan Taylor’s application for judicial review of an earlier order to release those records has been granted.

The full judicial review proceeding will now move ahead and Information Commissioner Jennifer Dilbert’s decision ordering the release of the records will be stayed until that review.

Governor Taylor has claimed the information commissioner’s decision to release certain records related to the Operation Tempura corruption probe was simply an unreasonable one.

The claim is made in an application seeking judicial review of Information Commissioner Dilbert’s November order that sought the release of former Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger’s complaint and the governor’s evaluation of the complaint.

It’s not known yet when the judicial review hearing would proceed or whether any such court hearing would be open to the public.


  1. Why was an English High Court judge required to hear the matter, and not a local Grand Court Judge?

    Editor’s note: We are not experts in the law. However, we are aware that the complaint originally filed by Mr. Bridger made various claims against some sitting members of the judiciary.

  2. And what did you expect? Why do you think they have done everything to take down Mr. Bush? Wake up people! There is a true conspiracy here and we’re so busy infighting that all the UK has to do is help our fight along. So sad that we as Caymanians cannot stick together. I pray that we finally realize what’s happening. We will be our own downfall if we don’t.

  3. I wonder who made the decision to bring in a Judge to hear this matter, and how was the Judge selected?

    I know a buzz word is transparency – so maybe the Media can ask.

    Editor’s note: As we’ve tried to explain to Atticus before, the complaint filed by Messrs. Polaine and Bridger made various accusations against current and former members of the Cayman Islands judiciary. There is an obvious conflict of interest that arises if a member of the local bench were to hear the case.

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