UDP unveils new office

The new United Democratic Party office was officially opened on Tuesday in front of hundreds of supporters at the Rankin Plaza off Eastern Avenue in George Town.

It is the third new office in the party’s 12-year existence and will serve as its headquarters.

Flanked by what could have been a preview of the UDP line-up for the General Elections in May, McKeeva Bush spoke candidly about the party’s plans going forward, as well his feelings about party politics in the Cayman Islands.

“Some say that party politics is bad for Cayman but given the time and who is saying it, you better believe the party system is here to stay. It is the better option,” declared Mr. Bush, former premier and party leader. “We have a stronger team, which includes our new Chairman Tessa Bodden. She is the first female chairperson and that brings its own strength.”

He said that though the United Democratic Party was not necessarily a well oiled political machine, during the party’s existence some of the most coherent and progressive ideas for Cayman were conceived and implemented.

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Mr. Bush applauded the stance of the members who had stuck with him through the past three months. Many of his former members helped oust him in a no confidence vote on 18 December. He said that in his opinion, the government of the day is actually illegal.

“I appreciate their stand with me. Though I must say we are not the opposition because the government of the day is illegal. However, in a conciliatory spirit we have chosen to simply let them have the few months and then get rid of them come May.”

Mr. Bush said it had been a rough four years, but many accomplishments had been made with regard to projects, which are now taking shape. He also encouraged Caymanians to think inclusively and put unity above all else.

“A house divided against itself will not stand. I am entering a time when I will be stepping back and others will be taking the lead. There should be no division. All are included, no matter where you’re from; whether it by America, Jamaica or England. We have to be unified. Hurricane Ivan (in 2004) proved the worth of unity and what we can accomplish when we work together.”

Others on the platform with Mr. Bush included Kenneth Rankin, Stanley Hill, Renard Moxam, Rayal Bodden, Vincent Frederick, Walling Whittaker, John Foster and MLA’s Ellio Solomon and Mike Adam. It is unclear whether those who joined Mr. Bush on the podium will be running in the upcoming election, though the men were all dressed in blue or green ties, symbolic of UDP party colours.


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  1. Given the facts, West Bay have very intelligent people. They know they good of McKeeva Bush and they are not going to be swayed by idle talk from outside districts. McKeeva Bush was one of the best things to happen here in West Bay, and we will be voting him back in. End of story. They may have plans to stop him again before election with thrumpted up charges, but to all those who are so hell bend against him. He will rise again. Lick him down, kick him down stomp on him, charge him do what ever you want. He is a hard man fe dead.

  2. Megalomania is a terrible thing to be effected by when you have been at the head of government and the minuses greatly out weight the accomplishments like the Port Contract stopped by Her Majesty’s government and the 6 million not pursued and lost. Putting yourself first, the Macaroni (supporters) second and the people last is not something to run a winning political campaign on, but we are dealing in an alternate universe here. It takes a lot of gall to even put something like this in motion. A scenario like this is strait out of Machiavelli’s PRINCE Surrounding your inner circle with people that tell you what you want to hear. I personally think this inner circle has not read the newspapers or they don’t believe what they read. Maybe they are so motivated by blind admission that they don’t care about the new players in town (FCU) that is about to cripple the show with a criminal indictment I’m just thinking out loud here.

    Playing the sympathy card for votes seems a little primitive in modern times. The tangled web being weaved is most definitely on a course to try and deceive unsophisticated voters in putting back in place a person unworthy of the position. Good citizens are stepping up to the plate to bring about sweeping new change to make our government more efficient, accountable and putting our country first. The old game is over but there are many in this article that haven’t gotten the memo. Thank God we have a free press.

  3. At this critical time, it is worthwhile for all Caymanians to work together as one people. We need to vote for people who are genuinely neutral and will be good honest caretakers and who don’t just want to profit from their positions. The world economy is strengthening. We want to move forward and stop fighting one another. A bigger economy is better for ALL. God bless these islands.